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ISO'MATE' PACKAGE - Virtually share a one together.

While some of us are likely closer to the brink than others, I’d be as bold as to say that we almost wouldn’t be human if the effects of Covid-19 haven’t had some impact on our mental wellbeing.
During this time of isolation, the best way to check in on a mate is to pick up the phone, get on a Zoom or dial-up Facetime. Given there are few better ways to get the warm conversation going than over a cold craft, we've put together this special set of ISO’MATE’ Conversation Crates.


The Package includes:

  • One box for you and another for your mate
  • The perfect selection of tinnies for the telephone
  • Beer snacks such as beef jerky or nuts
  • Tasting notes
  • Man Anchor #Letstalk beer coasters

All delivered, contact-free, to each of your doorsteps.

NOTE. Shipping for your mate's box is free. Please however in the 'Add Gift Note' section include their shipping address, along with a short note to let them know who it's from.

Beers to have together when we’re not together

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