#FridayFacts Blessed To Be A Blessing

When we have those seasons of life when our shit is together, when we are flying high, we have a job to do. It’s not a time to sit back and remark how nice it is that we are killing it with our business, our relationships, our finances. Or that we’re at peace with our stress, our sexuality, our emotions. There is the small matter of all those around us who may not have it all together with one or many of these common anxiety triggers.

If we’ve been giving so much, how is it right to keep it to ourselves? It’s fantastic when we have times when we feel great about ourselves; indeed, it’s something that we should always be working towards. But we do so not only to be better people ourselves but to help others on that same journey.

Today I’m reminded not to keep my blessing to myself but be a vehicle of blessing to others. 

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash