#FRIDAYFACTS Friendship Means Little When It's Convenient

Regrettably, we have some in our lives that are all talk when it comes to a great friendship. Yet, in our time of need, they are nowhere to be seen when we are struggling or broken. As long as things are good, it's all good.

Yet many surround us that have been there through thick and thin, for whom relationship doesn't only exist when it is convenient. It's a true mateship that acted when things didn't seem right. That leant into difficult times rather than dismissing them. That reached out, DM'ed, or called up to ask ''are you doing okay" and then took the time to listen to the answer and share in the arduous journey.

Today I'm reflecting on my gratitude for these friends and reminding myself that I can say when I'm not feeling okay.

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash