#fridayfacts Don't just do good the others, be good to yourself too.

In times of need, such as these, there are endless opportunities to do good things. Charities need our money. Volunteer organisations our practical service. Friends and families have pressing needs. We know deep down that we can’t meet every need or do every good thing, yet often we either try to, and resenting it, or we reluctantly hold back but are left dealing with guilt.

We need to remember, however, that one of the keys to being good, is to be good to ourselves- to make sure that we march to our drumbeat, not merely the ‘beat’ of others’ expectations. We do this by taking time for ourselves- to perhaps read a book, listen to music, go for a run or a walk or just to sit silently with a cup of coffee.

We do it not out of dislike of others but out of concern that when we do, we can give our best to others. We take time to rest not because we are lazy, but because we need the energy to follow through with our good intentions.