#fridayfacts honour the ordinary

Just pick up any glossy, turn on any TV or jump online and you can’t help by notice how many people nowadays are famous for being famous. Their talents and skills can be negligible, and their contribution to the good of others is often questionable. Since when was becoming a star in the next version of Big Brother, kick off again next week, the definition of success?

In a culture that is obsessed with celebrities, it can be hard to locate the real heroes. A friend that helps out without demanding the favour be returned; A work colleague that puts in a few extra hours to share the load without expecting to be recognised; A mate that simply stops by to ask you how you’re going. The heroes are all around us, they just don’t hit the headlines. Goodness and righteousness are not newsworthy, apart from the occasional well-publicised act or charitable event.

Let’s stop worshipping the hollow heroes and instead give honour to the extraordinary people who are doing ordinary things every day.