#FridayFacts First World Problems Still require solutions.

You might not have Covid. You might still have a job. You might be living the dream. None of that means that you can’t still have a bad day, a nagging feeling of anxiety or ball of stress in the pit of your stomach. It might be IT issues with your phone, or trying to get the kids ready for school when they don’t want to go. Perhaps that project at work has gone off the rails?

No matter how big or small it is, all problems are real and they all require some sort of solution. And the 'solution' isn’t weighing up how your problem compares to others. The work stress isn’t solved by knowing that others don’t have a job- which granted is a significant problem itself. Short of being able to lend a practical hand to solve a problem, the next best thing is empathy.

I'm reminding myself today to just simply be in the problem with my friends. We may not be able to solve, fix or even explain, but perhaps in the end it may only an ear and perhaps a beer that is needed.