#FridayFacts Just Do It.

When we do nothing, nothing happens. Physical inaction can lead to physical discomfort and pain. Our refusal to make a doctor's appointment about a sore joint can mean a worsening of our health.

And the same can be said of our mental health. While procrastination and paralysis can be the result of some anxiety and depression, we mustn't give up the possibility of things getting better for us by not reaching out for help. It may take time and lots of encouragement from others. It may involve writing out checklists. But we have to get up and get going. Not in frantic activity but resolving to do just one or two things to break our apparent paralysis.

I'm reminding myself today that the things we do can shape and reshape our lives, and The things we do not do will have a similar effect.

Photo thanks to Josh Redd on Unsplash