#FridayFacts. Pass It On

We get by in life in all sorts of ways. There is no standard path to survival in tough times. Some have read a self-help book, and some have a mantra they repeat to themselves. Others just hold on tight. However, in many cases, some human involvement has occurred. Someone, some time, somewhere, said an encouraging word, reached out a hand or did a good deed in a moment of need.

Many people have come across my path when I’ve needed it most. Some are friends, others complete strangers, but they have all shown goodness to me that’s helped me cling to life. We may not always know the impact of our words and actions. We may just be links in a chain, playing a part we don’t always realise we are playing.

I’m reminding myself today not to measure outcomes but to pass the goodness I’ve been shown on and let the chips fall where they may.

Photo thanks to Connor Hall on Unsplash