#FridayFacts. The Anger Within

We are often told by well-meaning people not to get angry. Easy for them to say, their life is going as planned – no dickheads at work, the wife hasn’t cheated on them, cancer hasn’t riddled their bodies.

Angry is real, and burying it causes us emotional and physical damage. Not dealing with it means we kill joy, we kill gladness, we kill truth, we kill the spark of life within. That said, just letting it all out can kill a relationship with the shrapnel of our heated emotions, and displacing it unfairly can kill a connection of an innocent third party: I am angry at my boss at work, so I take it out on my children.

We need to find safe and healthy ways of dealing with anger, such as sharing it with a mate while taking it out on a gold ball together.  Today I’m reminding myself that’s its okay to be angry, I just need the help of a friend to express it in a way that does not harm others, and which even may do some good.

Photo by Simran Sood on Unsplash