#FridayFacts The Day of Small Things

Large bloggers and influences started with a review, A post from the kitchen table, shed or holiday.  Their journey began with a single step. Some of us might envy the thousands of likes and hundreds of comments they get from a single post. We may even get discouraged that our reels are far less popular. But it’s worth remembering that there is no essential virtue in bigness. Our value is not characterised by noise or numbers.

There is nothing wrong with trying to increase our followers - that growth means more can share in our passion and the well-being of each other, but let’s not measure our worth by our social size.

I’m reminding myself today that I’m valuable, whatever the likes and comments on each post. If that means smallness, so be it. If that means largeness, so be it. The only statics I care about is reducing the suicide rate!

Photo Thanks to Prateek Katyal on Unsplash