#FridayFacts The sound of silence.

Words so often fill our days. Silence is seen as embarrassing or the mark of someone shy or timid. To achieve greatness in life, we must stand up and speak up.

Yet silence at appropriate times can be just as valuable as a word of wisdom, just as powerful as carefully crafted speech. When I pour out my heart about my seemingly overwhelming troubles, my battles with today's anxieties, and yesterday's bout with the black dog, all the words in the world can't fix the troubles. They are not going to be any help. While it might make you feel better and helpful, pretending there are easy solutions when none are available won't lift my spirits.

I'm reminding myself today that I don't always need words to support a mate in a time of need. A hug, a beer, an ear, and some sensitive silence may be better.

Photo thanks to Kristina Flour on Unsplash