#FridayFacts. There’s no shame in floundering.

None of us are immune to bad times. I’ve certainly had a decent share. Yet we persevere. Sometimes that perseverance is simply staying afloat. We are floundering in deep waters but we are not drowning despite it feeling that way. We cope, which doesn’t seem very significant yet it is the only thing we can do.

Other times we don’t so much flounder as swim. We grasp our situation and find the strength to do at least something about it. Doubts arise as to whether we’ll make it, but we press on regardless. We reach the safety of the shore thankful that the pain has gone away…at least until next time.

Perseverance far from glamorous. But we need to remember that staying afloat in the first place is the first and necessary step…and there’s no shame in that!