FridayFacts – They can't afford what we've got.

They say you should count your blessings every day, however at we're usually so busy counting the emails, meetings and projects in our 40+hour work week, plus the extra curricula activities, that we barely get time to catch our breath, let alone find a moment to stop and reflect.

As Alicia Keys' Not Even A King played on the radio this week it reminded me of the silver lining this awful current Covid crisis we find ourselves in has- the opportunity this season of life has given me to reflect on my riches. 

I might not have the finances or freedoms I once had, but I’ve had more time at home to be a husband and father, albeit a, perhaps a less mentally stable one! In the words of Keys' 'they can't afford what we've got, not even the King'.

I'm not sure what real riches you've traded off over the years to fame and fortune, however perhaps this is a time to change all that.