#fridayfacts You Can Always Quit Later

I know, perhaps at times like these that the hills seem too steep, and the summits way too far away. It’s often the reason why we don’t even start to climb, or if we do, we only attempt it with a little amount of enthusiasm and effort. We have already told ourselves that we will fail and have quit before we’ve even had a chance at succeeding.

It plays out in many aspects of our lives. Searching for a new job after a heartbreaking redundancy. Taking on a diet or exercise program after weeks of sitting around isolating. Getting out a relationship that’s not healthy for us or at addressing the issue with the partner of the one we are in. Or sometimes it can just be getting out of bed in the morning.

Rather than quit upfront, let’s take a step at a time, let’s give it our best shot and quieten our fears with the fact that if it’s not working out, we can still quit later.