Beheadings by axe for crimes such as stealing a bottle of beer were popular public spectacles as late as the 1900s. Although it will no longer be for sneaking this beer, take a moment to check that there's nothing else happening in a mate’s life that he may be losing, if not his head, sleep over!

Origin – Banyo, Queensland
ABV – 7.2%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Red IPA

In 1519, Cortés arrived in Mexico on a conquest to capture the world’s greatest treasure. He famously ordered his men to ‘burn the boats’ upon landing. Grossly outnumbered, it was a decision that should have back­fired, for when his men were on the brink of defeat, there wasn’t an exit strategy. However, it had the opposite effect. Left with only two choices; die or ensure victory, they fought and masterfully conquered. There's nothing to applaud about the man that raped, slaughtered and enslaved, but you have to admire his tactic. He forced his company into a mindset of unshakeable commitment by going all-in.

Although it would be grossly unfair to say that Harley Goodacre, the founder of All Inn Brewing, and Cortés were cut from the same cloth, it seems both understood the powerful psychological effect of going all-in in life. Following stints ranging from bottle hand to head brewery across Scotland and here in Australia, Harley was hungry for a brewery to call his own. With no financial backing and the banks unwilling to give him a loan, the only option was to go all-in with his little. “This is all I’ve got, I remember saying to myself,” shares Harley. "I was either going to win, or I was going to die trying."

Finding a run-down, former panel-beating warehouse, he emptied the shell, used repurposed milk vats as fermenters and salvaged other equipment. He then converted it into one of Brisbane's foundational craft breweries. Despite working on a shoestring budget for years, All Inn went on to thrive thanks to the support of the devoted locals and beer lovers from further afield. Since the 2012 opening, along with many other improvements, the timber-clad vats have been replaced with the shining stainless steel used to produce a diverse and unpretentious range, including this generously all-American hopped Mutiny.

Chocked full of hops, the upfront aromas of pine, resin, dried mango and candied orange are offset in the mouth by a malt richness which contributes to dominant flavours of burnt caramel and molasses.

Whether you’re going all-in because you are sure it will be a success, or you simply have no other option left, this All Inn deep red IPA is perfect for warming the chest and steadying the hand!