In a real-life Ron Burgundy moment an American news anchor, told his weatherman to 'keep f**king that chicken' live on air! Four-letter words may not be my preference, but when it comes to being an anchor for a mate, sharing with them that they look great when you are worried about how they're going mentally is as helpful as uttering to them to keep f**king chickens!

Origin – Redfern, New South Wales
ABV – 5.2%
Size – 330mL can
Style – Indian Pale Lager

The details don’t matter; what counts is the vibe. The cloudy skies, the lounging punks, the graffiti, and the absence of digital technology that makes the whole world somehow more immediate than the one we know today. Though this is critics review of Atomic Blonde - a movie where Charlize Theron spends most of her time maiming and killing hordes of heavies in leather jackets and thick grey overcoats with whatever comes to hand… the damage she can inflict with a corkscrew doesn't bear thinking about – it could easily be used to describe this latest limited release offering from Atomic Beer. 

Biting and to the point, the self-explanatory Juicy Lager has an ability to seem at once coolly unreachable and physically vulnerable. The first to be canned at their Redfern brewpub rather than via parent company Good Drinks' main facility in WA, Head brewer Nick Ivey of Gage Roads alumnus, kicks this one off with an aroma that escapes the can like Charlize fleeing the KGB. Loaded as it says on the can with "juicy tropical hops", they hit your nostrils in a manner that leaves you in no doubt it’s a hazy. With a respectable foamy head on top, it pours the colour of a copper bullet. In the mouth (or "drinking" as normal people might put it) the juicy lager is surprisingly sedate, welcoming repeated sips to explore the depth of flavours which begin to burrow in on the points where your cheeks meet your gums. Although not overtly upfront, the light, hoppy notes turn a little resinous as the beer gains heft with the help of a little extra alcohol.

The end result is a sessionable lager that would sit perfectly in the MI6 agents’ hand (cue product placement!) as she retreats to her apartment to make running repairs and treat her cuts, bruises and bullet holes to an ice bath.