In a real-life Ron Burgundy moment an American news anchor, told his weatherman to 'keep f**king that chicken' live on air! Four-letter words may not be my preference, but when it comes to being an anchor for a mate, sharing with them that they look great when you are worried about how they're going mentally is as helpful as uttering to them to keep f**king chickens!

Origin – Koroit, Victoria
ABV – 4.2%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Golden Ale

I LOVE a glamazon as much as the next person and I'll freely acknowledge my bromance with my mate Charlie. But it was a reference to ''manity sizing'' that got me, well, blannoyed! Despite the Macquarie Dictionary adding the likes of ''buddymoon'' (a honeymoon with friends) and ''fauxmance'' (a sham celebrity romance), portmanteaus  –  a new word made from two words – have been around since Jesus was a shepherd (Sheep herder!)

Noodledoof could however be the first ever brewery to adapt a portmanteau. The combination of Noodles and Dolph is a throwback to founders Sam Rudolph’s and Alex Carr’s nicknames. Noodles was a refence to height and Dolph… well it speaks for itself. The unlikely choice of name was matched only by the improbable selection of location - a regional town with a population of around 2,000, in a part of Victoria with little local beer and zero in the way of quality craft beer bars or retailers.

Be that as it may, it’s been working out just fine for them since throwing open the doors in late 2019. Located in a rustic redbrick warehouse with a prime position in Koroit’s main street, just off the Great Ocean Road, locals and visitors alike drop in to sample craft beer and spirits, along with fare from the inhouse kitchen, the likes of smoked meat platters and outrageous loaded fries. When it comes to the beer offering, there’s also something for everyone. Sam and Alex mix experimental offerings utilising local ingredients such as the Stone Fruit Sour and the Pomegranate Berliner with easy drinkers. The later includes this special release pale ale which was brewed to celebrate their partnership with Port Fairy Folk Festival. Golden and fun, much like the 4-day festival, light cracker malts blend effortlessly with the soft floral and citrus hop characters to serve up a bright and citrusy pale with a quenching dryness that lures you back for more.

Oh and ‘manity sizing’ refers to vanity sizing for men. Please. Pass me another beer and some brisket!