‘I'm going to put the kettle on’ – ‘It won't fit you!’ In the same way that Dad jokes are a way of connecting with kids, a pair of beers and some humour can help when talking with a mate about how it's not always easy, but it's okay to put up your hand and ask for help.

Origin – Botany, New South Wales
ABV – 4.5%
Size – 440mL can
Style – Bitter

I’m sure last month's report was no surprise when the Independent Commission Against Corruption revealed allegations into the local council dwarfed all others. It seems using fake invoices to misappropriate millions and accepting kickbacks is simply par for the course. One Botany Bay Counciler is before the ICAC for allegedly failing to report an illegal brothel because he was receiving free sexual services! Perhaps the latter is one reason for the ongoing delays in regulatory approvals from this same council that has seen any potential opening date of Beer Fontaine's tasting room continually delayed.

Founded by brothers Marshall and Stuart Harrington, the all too familiar story of red tape began in early 2020. With a degree in chemistry and a career in food science, Marshall had spent years homebrewing before deciding to make the leap amid the drama of the coronavirus outbreak. 'I always saw myself doing it professionally’, shared Marshall, 'so with the extra time on my hands, I applied to Botany Bay council to open a brewery and taproom'. While waiting, Stu purchased a 250L brewing system. Quickly selling out of everything they brewed, the brothers decided to – despite challenges from the Council on the taproom - go all in and set up a brewhouse in the heart of industrial Botany.

While continuing to wait for the green light to allow folks to enjoy a beer on-premise, the pair have wasted no time winning fans with an ever-increasing number of new and exciting beers sold online and in local bars. With the brewery named in reference to the small Belgium city of Fontaine-l'Évêque, Marshall's bent for Belgian beers seems to be the winning formula. This can be seen in the award-winning Sparkling Forest pétillant bier – an effervescent traditional Belgian ale. However, punters can also find far more familiar-sounding offerings, such as this Botany Best Bitter. Aromas of earthy and sweet hops make way for a malty backbone, a balanced bitterness and a discerning touch of caramel, toast and marmalade.

Before the ICAC, one former GM of the council said he had 'discretionary expenditure' of $20,000, which allowed him 'to do as I saw fit from time to time, and I did, on beer, a motorcycle and, the like'. I sure hope that his fraudulently purchased beer was way more bitter than this beauty!