When we take time to support a mate’s emotional state, it triggers a similar behaviour directed toward those around them, which in turn triggers those folks to do the same. By sharing this craft, you will help the first domino to fall in the removal of mental health stigma.

Origin – Glebe, New South Wales
ABV – 6.5%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Rye IPA

Society has done much to advance the rights of many persecuted minorities but so little to rehabilitate one of the most disadvantaged groups of all: drummers. Everywhere there are one-liners. What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? A drummer! Why is a drum machine better than a drummer? Because it can keep time and won't sleep with your girlfriend! Even the Beatles once quipped that Ringo wasn't the best drummer in the band. Well, the jokes have got to stop.

There's much evidence to suggest that drummers are the smartest of all musicians. Lindy Morrison, the drummer for the Go-Betweens, was a pioneer of the Aboriginal Legal Service. Doug Falconer, the drummer for Hunters & Collectors, has a medical degree and works as a doctor. Then there's Steve Drissell, drummer for Kim Killspeed, who founded Staves with little more than dogged determination and a vision to open a brewpub as a platform for performing artists. Located in the backstreet off the incessantly busy Parramatta Road, there is little to denote the speakeasy-style brewery that's just as well known for hosting bands and burlesque as it is for their beers. The building itself still has features from its steel fabrication workshop days, and the simple, barrel-focused interior, from which it derives its name, is reminiscent of an English pub from Drissell's homeland.

Teaming up with head brewer Zac Pauling, since mid-2016 Staves has squeezed every bit of goodness out the tiny operation, evidenced by a bag of medals including a Gold at the Indies for their Pale Ale. Yet until recently, the only way to get your hands on that medal winner or any limited release such as this Lucid Dream IPA was from the venues eight rotating taps. However, like many, with the taproom forced to temporarily close due to COVID-19 restrictions, Staves introduced cans. Rather than only being consumed within the postcode they were produced in, others further afield can also experience this 6.4% rye spiced delight. Hop-forward, it delivers big licks of pine and fruitiness. There's a touch of residual malt sweetness before the rye chimes in with its signature spiciness ahead of a strong, bitter kick to finish.

It's surprisingly good given it was brewed from that much-maligned member of the band, the drummer!