Our dogs will be there in the most challenging times of life. To ensure the same could be said of us, grab this craft, start up a conversation, and be a man's best friend. 

Origin – Marrickville, New South Wales.
ABV – 4.6%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Kolsch

Dreams remain unfulfilled, and life isn't what you'd hoped. You realise you've reached the halfway point, and it dawns on you that time is running out. You buy a Volvo (tick), begin training for a triathlon (completed it mate), change your hair (if I had any) and head off to the tailor to have your suit pants cropped, ready to opt for that no sock look as you set off for the office on Monday! Laugh if you will, but as today's generation hit the mid-life crisis point, they are statistically far more likely to run a marathon than run away with the secretary.

Though had it not been for Nic's quick thinking in buying a few brewing books and pushing Greg into a hobby in homebrewing, who knows how things may have played out! Notwithstanding, Greg was still writing cheques for several thousand dollars, though instead of the down payment on a sports car, it was for a Grain Father - the must-have home brewing tool for an all-consuming passion.

Taking to his new hobby like a Baby Boomer to a tattoo, Greg was soon trying his hand at competitions. Using each piece of feedback from the public and those judging, Greg honed his craft. However, the defining moment for the husband-and-wife team came when the pair joined Hopsters beer co-op. It was there that Greg attended a learn to brew class for Kolsch style beer. Taking his learnt wisdom and perfecting the style, Greg entered a Kolsch in the 2019 Australian Amateur Championships. He walked away with the trophy, and Mitchell's Brewing Co was official born.

Fast forward two years, and thousands of cans of beer and MBC was receiving another medal, this time a Bronze at the 2021 AIBA’s. Yet it’s not surprising in a landscape filled with today's bold hop-forward offerings that a delicate, subtle, and seriously drinkable beer such as this stands as a light on a hill. True to the style, there's no hoppy features or tropical brashness, rather just a Kolsch that offers up soft fruit nuances, some light, biscuity malts and a touch of balancing bitterness.

As for trading in your spouse for a younger model? So last decade. I'd sooner swap her for a six-pack of these sessionals!