I couldn't care less. Good luck with that. Not my problem. There’s are a million ways to tell someone you don't give a damn. Yet there’s never been a more important time than now to give a rat’s arse, so grab this beer and check in on a mate’s emotional state.

Origin – Botany, New South Wales
ABV – 5.4%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Stout

There are two types of people in the world: those who walk down escalators and those who are happy for life to pass them by. Well, that's how I see it anyway! I have been criticised over my need for walking speed. Yet I am not alone, far from it. Our capital cities are full of citizens who are intensely irritated by dawdling pedestrians. It became such a problem in the UK that the city of Liverpool created the first pedestrian fast lane solely for folk like me who are intent on reaching their destination without impediment. At least I’ll never walk alone!

Standing defiantly amid all of this is Slow Lane Brewing. Like that commuter standing on the right-hand side escalator with eyes firmly fixed to the iPhone, founders Alex and Yvonne Jarman will not be budged by the world rushing around them. It’s a passion for European beer styles that benefit from old world methods born after discovering slow-fermented beer among the mass-produced lagers while living in the US. Along with travelling coast to coast and tasting some of the best, Alex began homebrewing his own versions, taking over every spare bit of space in their tiny New York apartment. Over time the passion became an obsession. This resulted in Alex quitting his finance job in the corporate world to gain experience working at commercial breweries before the husband-and-wife team returned to Sydney to follow a dream of their own.

Though not averse to using modern techniques, it's when traditional methods produce better flavours or unique effects that Slow Lane stands firm. Even if they're more labour intensive and take longer. "We're happy to be inefficient if it gives better flavour," Alex says. And the results speak for themselves. Their beers are popular with thirsty locals and farmhouse ale connoisseurs alike. As is the case with all his 1,200 litre batches, Alex has let Slow Lane's first foray into stout openly ferment for over a month, producing what is a rich, hearty and delightfully moreish belter. Made with a high proportion of oats to give it an extra smooth texture, the roast malts, hits of coffee, chocolate sweetness and dark malt are offset faultlessly with a sturdy bitterness.

Notwithstanding, going at full pelt is how life should be, I'd happily ease off the pace for just a moment to enjoy this stout in the slow lane!