Grab this beer, turn the dial up to 11 and get angry about the really important things in life, like the state of mental health.

Origin – Bulimba, Queensland
ABV- 4.7%
Size- 375mL can
Style- Summer Ale

In a David versus Goliath battle, U.S. fast-food giant In-N-Out Burger sued Sydney Burger Chain 'Down- N Out' for trademark infringement.  Taking issue with its name and similar yellow arrow logo, the U.S. company argued that the little Aussie burger joint sought to attract customers by having them think Down-N-Out was, indeed, In-N-Out Burger down under. Despite a retracted 'bun' fight, in which the local lads even 'mustard' the strength for an appeal, it didn't end well.

Fortunately for Jay Neven, the founder of Malt Brewing wasn't filled with such arrogant bravado when Lion's intellectual property lawyer came knocking on his door. Suggesting that his new brewery's name had the potential for confusion with the Malt Shovel brand, Jay opted to cut his losses and develop a new name.  Revel, which means to enjoy yourself, seemed to fit the bill. So, in early 2018, only a few months after opening his community-focused brewpub, Jay took a screwdriver, changed the sign above the door and went back to his beer.

It's an action that encapsulated Jay's laid-back nature and the relaxed vibe that Revel shares with the local community. Starting his brewing career with a homebrew kit and few recycled stubbies, it was friends that encouraged Jay to take his talents further. Understandably being a novice in the art of large-scale brewing, he decided to invite those same mates to help him realise his vision. Already locals to this little corner of Brisbane with its rich history, including a 135-year-old story of brewing, the lads secured a small warehouse in Bulimba. A bit of elbow grease, a few fermentation tanks, the enlistment of Matty Cuthbert - formerly of Rocks Brewing - and the beers began to flow.

Two years on, the locals still come in droves, day after day, to let their hair down and share one of those beers and a yarn with family and friends. Yet, despite the 12 taps, it's this 'Tradies Summer' that pays homage to the neighbourhood sparkies, plumbers and chippies that got Revel up and running that the locals most often reach for. Passionfruit, Melon and Pineapple give way to a malt sweetness and a long drying finish, ensuring that beyond the emotional connection, it's a summer ale perfect for quenching the thirst.

I'd suggest pairing with a Down-N-Out burger, but unfortunately, those lads are both down and out.