Grab this beer, turn the dial up to 11 and get angry about the really important things in life, like the state of mental health.

Origin –Rozelle, New South Wales
ABV- 4.8%
Size- 375mL can
Style- New England Pale Ale

Residing in the working-class U.S. town of Springfield, the Simpsons had the power to make you feel everything there was to feel in less than half an hour of telly. Silly, sharp, fiercely political and, above all, hilarious. 30 years on, there has been a lot of Duff-swilling and Homer strangling Bart! Predominantly viewed by men, perhaps the key to our love affair with TV's longest-running series lies within just how relatable Homer's absurd dysfunctionality is. After all, which dad hasn't had moments of both dreaming about cold beer and choking a misbehaving child (joking).

For new dad Will Cannaby, the dream of cold beer became too much to resist. Lacking both sleep and freedom, and with anxiety growing, Will turned to Duff, or more accurately homebrewing, to help him cope with parenting. Going all-in he decked out the garage with a bunch of kit including a 3-tap pouring system, and started studying beer. As the passion for brewing increased, the blood pressure decreased. Yet Will’s devotion to making pales and IPA’s wasn't just for the betterment of his mental state, we were all to become beneficiaries of his after-hours escape.

With a seemingly natural talent for crafting a cold one, soon his garage was the centre of the community, with neighbours getting together for barbecues and mates heading over to sample the latest beer on offer. With such encouragement, when Will and his wife Katie moved to scale up and started selling, they decided to name their brewing company after the supportive street in Rozelle. Commercially releasing their first beer at the end of 2020, a pale ale, the little family of three was reminded of that neighbourly support when within 24 hours of launching the whole Springside street had bought a carton!

Following that successful pale comes this second beer, a lemon meringue NEPA. Enormously hoppy yet well balanced, it is packed full of Mosaic, Citra and Lemondrop, creating a juicy and citrus mouth bomb that hits the spot for hazy lovers. Add to that a subtle hint of sweet lemon, and the result is fresh, light and easy drinking.

Whether you've settled in Springfield, or reside on Springside, take a leaf out of Will's book and offer up a Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino to your Okily Dokily neighbours, followed by a hand holding out one of these fine beers.