In a real-life Ron Burgundy moment an American news anchor, told his weatherman to 'keep f**king that chicken' live on air! Four-letter words may not be my preference, but when it comes to being an anchor for a mate, sharing with them that they look great when you are worried about how they're going mentally is as helpful as uttering to them to keep f**king chickens!

Origin – Warrandyte, Victoria
ABV – 6.5%
Size – 375mL can
Style – Indian Pale Ale

Four letter words used to have so much potency. Dropping the f-bomb' a generation ago was like a loud whip crack in the middle of a conversation. The use of the C-word, was as if Beethoven hit the wrong note on stage at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna. Yet you hear four letter words so often these days – television, movies but mostly at the bar or on the street – that they’ve become part of the soundtrack to modern life. You're just as likely to hear them used in conversation between lifelong mates at an aged care home as you would in the pub!

Another four-letter word that’s on high rotation between lads, that is far less abrasive, is sure. Fancy a beer?” “Sure!” “OK if my mate joins us?” “Sure!” “It’s positive and affirmative,” is how John Cope-Williams, the man behind SURE Brewing, puts it. “It sits somewhere between being super-confident and whimsical. It’s just a positive term, and symbolic for us of drinking good beer with mates.” Add in “simple, snappy and friendly” – terms offered up by his partner-in-crime Steve Matthews – and you can see why the mates who bonded over half a lifetime in beer and music landed upon it as they set off to create beer of their own.  Despite having spent so much time in and around beer and music venues it wasn’t until a chance catch up during covid that the plan to do something together was hatched.

From there however, momentum gathered quickly, and in March 2022, less than six-months since that first conversation, the pair launched their first two beers.  Given SURE was born out of a desire to brew the style John and Steve love to drink, one of the launch beers, this 100% Dynamight, is a celebration of what the pair most enjoy: the lean backdrop of malt, the aromatics that leap from the glass, and the bitter finish holding things together. In defiance of the many flavours vying for your attention - sherbet orange, grapefruit, resinous pine, passionfruit and melon - they manage to coexist without clashing. The same can be said about the beer’s lean malt base, with touch of biscuit flavour that soon vanishes as those hop-derived flavours and bitterness do what they do best in West Coast IPAs.

One slip and it was head nod and a ‘f-ck’ from me!