#FridayFacts. Courage is not about heroics, but about hope.

It takes great courage to find strength when starring fear in the face. Jumping into a frozen lake to rescue a child doesn’t dismiss the fear, rather, you see the danger and do what needs to be done regardless. Extraordinary things are done by otherwise ordinary people.

And while it takes great courage to get dropped beyond the trenches in behind enemy lines, and it also takes great courage for a retrenched worker to turn up to seemingly futile job interviews time after time. It takes courage to stand up, and, speak up for what you believe, and it takes courage for some just to stand up and face the world each day.

Courage doesn’t come from denying fear or trying to be brave, it comes from facing those fears, and by reaching out to a friend to help us do what needs to be done. Courage is not about heroics, but about hope.