#fridayfacts Sometimes it's best we can't see past the fog!

It's not always easy to see past the fog, but perhaps if it were, we would never continue on the journey. We've all been starkly reminded in these recent times that life's journey isn't always comfortable -it can be a hard road. But often the road on which we travel isn't decided by choice, instead by circumstances.

We don't choose to catch a deadly disease. We don't choose a relationship breakdown, a heartbreaking job loss or the debilitating illness. They broadside us and knock us off our feet. Yet it's in those times that we need to believe in ourselves and our dreams more than ever because that is what is going to guide us when we can't see the road ahead with our own eyes.

For me, at that moment when the destination seems too far off and too difficult to ever reach, I'm thankful that the fog allows me to see nothing but the next step, and the next and the next and the…next.