#FridayFacts. It’s easy to have deep water faith when you’re in the shallow end.

It's easy to believe that everything will turn out just fine when, perhaps, your experience is that that has always been the case. Just like it's easy to stand on the wharf in a face of a storm, or even venture into the shallows just a little and not at all be worried or intimidated about the wind and the waves pounding the water before you and threatening to shipwreck everything in its path.

But ask any experienced sailor and they’ll tell you that deepwater faith is hard to come by, and even harder to hold onto when you’re out in the middle of that storm and the odds don't seem to be in your favour.

What I do know about storms, however, and I've been caught in few storms in this life, they're not forever and they will eventually blow over. I'm grateful for and take comfort from knowing that, with mates beside me, I never face a storm alone.